Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Night For Daya

Speaking of the amazing 'James Underwood'... last (Saturday) night we played a fund-raising event for the Daya school in India. After performing a few gigs of new songs with strings and drums it was great to return to some of the older tracks from the Gallop EP, 'Who Wants It All' and the highlight for me... 'Rosalyn', for which we were accompanied by James' fellow former Royal College of Music student, Claire (on Oboe). I've never performed with an Oboe before so this was a real treat, conjuring the magic of the bamboo flute lines from the original recordings in Chennai with a likeness to the vibrato of a human voice singing with us and breathing its mystery back into the song. After an attacking stomp through 'Tyger', Claire joined me (and the audience) singing a live version of 'The Lion's Mane'.
           Hot off the press, 'Discoveries & Inventions' and the 'Gallop' EPs were sold alongside each other from a small suitcase at the back of the hall.